Better Than Reality

Level 1 Escape offers four themes.
Each with puzzles, riddles and physical challenges that are unique to their storyline.
Gather a team of up to 8 players and plan your escape.

With 60 minutes on the clock,
you and your team must work together and escape before time runs out.
Every second counts.

Can You Escape?

Are you prepared to solve challenging puzzles, riddles, and physical feats?
Can you solve all the puzzles and escape in 60 minutes?
Book a room today and find out!



“Level 1 Escape is Calgary’s premium locked room entertainment company. Our goal is to deliver the most challenging, fun, and memorable escape room experience in Calgary.”


At Level 1 Escape we believe that the overall experience should be entertaining, challenging and immersive, by providing the highest quality of customer service. Our escape rooms or ‘levels’ contain atmospheric elements and technology that immerses players into the environment and gameplay. We continuously improve our escape rooms through valuable input from our customers to evolve the gameplay experience.

Form a team of 2 to 8 players and work together to solve challenging puzzles, riddles, and physical feats to complete the objective.

escape room team work

Teams go through an immersive experience by solving puzzles and riddles that are unique to the story of each room.

escape room puzzles

You and your team have 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and escape. Every second counts!

escape room time

Earn your hints by solving challenges within the room. However, you will lose the opportunity to be immortalized on our leaderboards if a hint is used.

escape room hints


The Rise of Ra

Egyptian Theme
2 – 6 Player
60 Minutes

The Inside Job 600 x 900

The Inside Job

Sci-Fi Theme
2 – 6 Player
60 Minutes

The Haunting of Apartment 103

Horror Theme
2 – 6 Player
60 Minutes

The Test Subjects 600 x 900

The Test Subjects

Prison Theme
4 – 8 Player
60 Minutes

The Vault

Post Apocalyptic Theme
2 – 6 Player
60 Minutes

911 Response

Bomb Theme
2 – 6 Player
60 Minutes


4.8 of 5 Stars on Facebook

Based on 180+ reviews

“We did the haunting of room 103 and then we went back later and did test subjects! So much fun and the staff are really friendly! We didn’t complete either room, but it was our first time even trying an escape room, so we just had fun with it!”

– Francesca E.

“The puzzles were very challenging the room was very well put together and the staff were great. I would totally suggest planning your next or first escape with Level 1.”

– Rob C.

“I’ll definitely be planning my return to Level 1 soon. The staff were very friendly and did an excellent job of hosting our escape room experience. The rooms are very reasonably priced and I fully recommend springing for one of the premium rooms like the vault if you’re considering taking the jump into an escape room experience.”

– Andrew B.

4.6 of 5 Stars on Google

Based on 151+ Reviews

“Great service and amazing escape rooms! Everytime we go here we’ve had a blast and always enjoyed doing the different rooms, especially because the rooms always have a lot involved and you get your money’s worth. Front desk service is amazing! The manager, I think Alan is his name; was very helpful and he even gave us a printed group picture to keep as well. Overall great experience and would definitely recommend!”

– Sammy S.

“It was my wife’s 30th birthday last Saturday so we decided to try an escape room. It was our first time, we brought two friends with us and it was their second time. The four of us did The Haunting of Apartment 103. The whole experience was amazing! We had a lot of fun and with awesome team work we ended up escaping with 10 min to spare! I definitely want to do this again!! I recommend Level 1 and the escape room we tried also.”

– Trista M.

“Had a great time out with my sweetheart here. Fun challenge to be locked in a room and try to solve puzzles together…it really exposes you to your sweethearts worldview on “winning” versus “enjoying”. We are no winners, she and I…but we’d go back to lose again for sure. The staff were crazy kind, engaged and helpful – you know they dig on being there (and that speaks volumes). If you are considering trying an experience like this for the first time, don’t hesitate to come here…you will enjoy yourself (and you might just get out too!)”

– Shawn S.

4.5 of 5 Stars on TripAdvisor

Based on 177+ Reviews

“I’ve visited a few different escape rooms in the city and I would definitely consider Level 1 one of the better ones. The staff is really prompt and friendly. The clues are a lot more logical in order than some of the other ones, so I would definitely recommend this one for small groups or newer/younger players.”

– Megan W.

“The entire experience was amazing at Level 1 Escape. We did the Apartment 103 room, and it was great, super scary and well put together… we totally recommend this room to anybody that wants a good scare!”

– Wasung.

“The staff are awesome, this is the 4th time we’ve visited. Highly recommended. Thank you again Level 1 for the awesome experience you guys deliver.”

– Christopher C.


Having a birthday party? A surprise date or anniversaries? Or just a spontaneous night out? Level 1 Escape provides entertainment and challenge for people of all ages, especially puzzle enthusiasts.

escape room friends and family


Going out with friends or family? Level 1 Escape is a great option! Come experience a real life, immersive escape room. Form a team of 2 to 8 players, and choose from several great themes.

escape room puzzle enthusiasts


Escape rooms are great for mystery and puzzle enthusiasts. If you fit in that category, come and challenge yourself at Level 1 Escape. Can you solve all the puzzles and escape in 60 minutes? Book a room today to find out!

escape room tourists


Of all the things to do in Calgary, escape rooms are definitely one of the most unique and fun things to do. If you’re a visitor in Calgary, why not add Level 1 Escape to the itinerary? It is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your trip!

escape room date nights


Level 1 Escape is definitely an experience to share with someone special. It is a perfect option for casual dates, group dates, play dates, and even anniversaries!


Looking to work on team building? Escape rooms are a great way to improve teamwork, leadership skills, and communication. Contact us for large group bookings, or corporate events.